Sunday, February 7, 2010


In the vein of Ms Alexandra Penney (a Maddoff victim and accomplished writer and artist), I am submitting my own lists of requirements for living. (See Penney's list in the Feb 2010 issue of Town & Country magazine, which focuses on "Wonder Women", it's a great issue).
Can't live without:
Used to be good coffee, now it's good tea
A shower at least every other day (yes I know daily is ideal) even if it means Ave is watching a movie and is unsupervised for 10 minutes...
One pair of jeans that make me feel dangerously sexy
Non-toxic cleaning products, on this I will not compromise
Deliciously-scented, high-quality liquid shower gel
Coloring my hair, used to be for fun, now it's all about the greys
Internet access
Reading material
Good bread and butter
Good chocolate and, occasionally, cake
Good quality, soy-based candles
Seeing the ocean at least once a year
My son, who makes it all worthwhile, even while he's turning my hair grey
Can live without:
Coffee (until last week, never thought I would say that!)
TV (until last month, never thought I would say that either)
Regularly scheduled haircuts
And a new category, Can't live with:
Unnecessary stress
The accompanying, unnecessary anxiety
Friends who don't give as much as they take
People who treat me as though I am not worthy of respect
Disrespecting myself
Stay tuned, I'll probably add to this over time! How about creating your own?

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